How We Got Started – Tunnel Ghost

Tunnel Ghost is the work of tech enthusiasts dedicated to making the internet a safer and more private place. Our point here is to provide a VPN that respects the privacy promise. Tunnel Ghost provides online security services to people all around the world. We believe that everyone has the right to browse the internet without the fear of being tracked, monitored, or censored. Our platform and the app are at every user’s disposal to make the most of its potential and improve lives. We are continually working to refine our services and provide the best possible experience for our users. We take pride in our commitment to privacy and security, and we work every day only for our users to browse the internet safely and without any restrictions. We’re glad to have you on board with us and look forward to serving you all your online security needs. Use Tunnel Ghost for refreshing and secure web surfing!







The one stop Solution


Tunnel Ghost for gaming

Mask your digital footprint with Tunnel Ghost's anonymous VPN technology and surf the web without leaving a trace.


VPN for Streaming

Say goodbye to geo-restrictions and hello to a world of unlimited entertainment with Tunnel Ghost's advanced geo-spoofing capabilities.


No-log Policy

Your privacy is our top priority at Tunnel Ghost. That's why we maintain a strict no-log policy, ensuring your data is never recorded or stored.


Be a Ghost Online

MaMaximize your VPN potential with Tunnel Ghost's split tunneling technology, allowing you to choose which apps and websites to route through the VPN.